Final Farewell
Saturday, May. 19, 2007 at 2:24 a.m.

Im sad to say that I have ignored this diary for so long. It has been the only thing that was by my side when things were too much for me to handle. Which was saddenly all the time.
But I no longer feel the need to be here. Life has made a sudden turn and although I still have my moments, I can honestly say I am happy now. Something I never thought would come from my mouth and be true.
Because of diaryland I have met a lot of people that even though I have never met in person mean a whole lot to me. It is because of you guys (*and you know who you are*)that truly did make it out alive....
I can be found at myspace under mycrimsondemise. Stop by say hi and add me. <3

I will never give up
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